My First Wedding

No, not my own wedding, a friends wedding... and this was the first time I was asked to shoot a wedding so my friend clearly trusts me quite a bit.   That aside, I was pretty nervous about shooting my first wedding assignment.  Most photographers get their start by taking a whole bunch of classes and then they go intern under another photographer while they build their portfolio, I skipped all these steps because I lacked the confidence in myself to believe that I even could be a decent photographer.  So... why did I change my mind you ask?

A couple of years ago I walked into a local art store and talked to the store owner.  I mentioned that I did photography as a hobby.  He asked to see my work.  I said, "no way, it's just a hobby and I'm really not very good!"  He didn't believe me and still wanted to see my work, so I showed him.  He loved it and hung some of my photos in his store!  I was stunned when my first piece sold, and even more stunned when the next one and the one after that sold.  Holy crap!!!  My work is going to be hanging in someones house!  So I buckled down and started teaching myself everything I could.  I learned from books, and from online blogs, and a few youtube videos.  Any time I saw something I liked, I would learn how they did it, copy it, and then try to make it better and apply the same techniques to my own work.

Long story short, a friend of mine asked me to shoot her wedding and so I did.  It went great!  My friends were such a fun couple with lots of energy.  They practically made my job easy.  The results are in and here they are.  Congrats to Laura and Lee on your marriage and I hope you guys love these photos as much as I do!!!

If you would like to see all the photos from the wedding in stead of a few of my favorites... check them out HERE or go straight to my website,


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