Maryland Renaissance Festival 2013: A day of revelry

The Maryland Renaissance Festival is no ordinary Festival.  It's the second largest of it's kind in the United States so congratulations to all you Northern Virginians and Marylanders, we get front row seats to a really fun and unique event.  It's been around since 1977 when Penn and Teller performed as one of the first events :)
Me as a kid wearing one of the head pieces from the Maryland Renaissance Festival
A couple decades later, it's still fun to go to.  This year I have my own little one who got to experience the festival for the first time.  Revel Grove is full of amazing little craft shops, terrific live music, and eye-popping spectacle.  When you step foot into Revel Grove you can expect 25 acres of merriment from good old fashioned Irish drinking songs, knights in shining armor (literally), and even and King and Queen in all their splendour. Personally, my favorite has always been the joust.  So put on your costumes, grab your leather beer mug, and pull up a chair to one of the merriest events to take place in the DC metropolitan area.  It's still early in the season yet and you have through October 20th to nab tickets to the 2013 Maryland Renaissance Festival!

Craftsman at Maryland Renaissance Festival

Okay, this guy was a little weird and creepy, but still, I had to include him :)


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