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Wielding a Camera is Like Wielding a Super Power

I love to photograph families.  Yes, I said it and it's true.  Here's a secret, I don't mind the goofy faces, the tongues sticking out, the screaming, running, dirt throwing craziness of it all and here's why.  I started doing photography when I was 16 years old.  I went to a very small high school (lovingly named Cow Pie High) that was in an enclave of ruralness surrounded by urban sprawl.  In my junior year my high school brought something wonderfully exciting to our school and finally invested in a dark room as well as a photography teacher.  My parents bought me an old Minolta XG-1 film camera for the class and I washed away countless hours rinsing film and watching the world come to life underneath the filmy ripples of developers and rinses.  I loved it from moment I saw my first picture being brought to life by my own hands.

Wielding a camera is like wielding a super power.  You can freeze time.  You can take a moment that might fade from memory one day and hard w…

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