Guys, You do NOT Look Awkward!

To all my couples out there...

     One common denominator in every single photo shoot I've done thus far is that the guys always think they are not photogenic.  You're not alone guys, I could put all the guys I've shot in a room and you could form a club, my husband included.  Too bad he married a photographer :)  Honestly, you are just being hard on yourself.  I have done a lot of photo shoots now for some very beautiful people, it makes my job very easy.  Yes, I am saying it,  you make my photos look good just as much as my photos make you look good!  

    But here's the big secret... the camera isn't in love with angles, or symmetrical faces, or even model skinny people.  The camera loves emotion, it loves interesting shapes, it loves interaction between people and the photographer.  This means that great photography is not a matter of how perfect your face is, it is a matter of how much you are capable of just relaxing and just doing you.  This is one of the reasons why I love photographing couples, they help each other relax by interacting with one another and it allows me to capture beautiful moments between two people who love each other.  So, lesson to be learned from this post, JUST DO YOU!  The camera will love you!  

Here's some examples of folks who thought they were awkward but they are seriously awesome :)  


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