Meadowlark Botanical Gardens: A Quiet Oasis

So Labor Day weekend found my husband and myself sick, tired, and bored.  My hubby had finally caught up with Breaking Bad and he found himself in the unusual position of having nothing to watch on T.V.  So, we decided to pack up the baby and go on an adventure!  I had seen some posts from friends on Facebook about Meadowlark Botanical Gardens and so, with camera in hand, we went to go check it out.  We got there about an hour before closing so we didn't have much time but from what we did see, it's a beautiful place!

The gardens consist of several sections so we walked around a couple of ponds and ended our journey at the new Korean Bell Garden.  The Bell Garden consists of several small buildings demonstrating some very cool Asian architecture, a small pool, and a great big huge Bell.  We also walked through the Butterfly Garden and the wildflower garden.  This place was huge and I think we only saw maybe half of it, I'm definitely looking forward to going back in the fall for the beautiful autumn colors.

Monarch Butterfly

My little boy, it was boiling hot out and he was very patient with me while I ran around taking pictures!!!


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